Motivation Monday! 💪🏼

Motivation Monday! 💪🏼
I’m not gonna lie - I have soaked in these two weeks at home, I have exercised, I have cleared out small unseen spots of random clutter, I have binge watched The Bridgertons, Below Deck, and Sam has us rewatching Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon series, “just so we can better understand the Mandalorian”, seriously MY son wants me to better understand Star Wars! He likes to watch Rebels - who have the character Kanan Jarrus, pronounced EXACTLY like my name - so I answer the TV a lot when this is on … I mean NO ONE has my name. There’s the #canaandog and #newcanaanct and #canaansmith the country singer, but seriously NO ONE has my name. 
I have set goals for my Young Living business, I have ignored my school email (until 8:30 this morning), I have thought about meal planning, I have committed to Yoga, and I have slooooooowed down. However, today is this first day of work, so it’s time to get back to it. 
Whatever it is you need to tackle today I have the perfect diffuser blend for you!
Fresh Energy:
3 Lime
3 Tangerine
2 Spearmint
1 Lemongrass
Shout out if you need this motivation today! ⚡️

I think all of us are ready to say goodbye to 2020 and ring in a new year!

I think all of us are ready to say goodbye to 2020 and ring in a new year!
Do you agree!✨
Although this year held a lot of heartache and sadness, it held blessings as well. 
I had the first year of feeling healthy in a few - I’ve shared my past struggles and it felt great to finally feel great! I know this isn’t everyone’s reality but I can’t deny it was mine. I’ve even worried “can I say it outloud”, can I admit within these four walls it’s been a good year? On top of good health, I’ve been able to share my passion - educating my friends and family and their friends and family about how to use essential oils to enhance their lives. For that I am over the moon. 
Before this year comes to a close I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am for you and the community of support & encouragement that we have here!
I love being able to grow & share in this space. 
Next year I’m so excited to travel again, to hug, to sit across the table from you.
I would love to hear what you are most looking forward to in the coming year, comment below!

Who has their planner picked out for 2021?

Who has their planner picked out for 2021?
Who has a favorite and won’t stray vs. who picks up any old thing at Staples or Michaels? 
Better yet - who has more than one?
What do you need your planner to do for you?
Is it a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly planner?
Does it give you goal setting, meal planning, daily affirmations, or a doodle page?
Does your planner also act as your journal?
I could not find what I was looking for this year so I made my own - it included a paper cutter and a glue stick - so I was being a bit crafty once I finally sent out all our Christmas cards. 
I know some people are very loyal to their brand - feel free to add a link if you are super passionate about sharing your favorite. Bonus if you share a favorite pen! 

Self realization on the slopes

Self realization on the slopes
But first I have to share … I’ve never had wind blow so hard on my skis, I felt I was being pulled out of the chair. AND at the top I was being blown across the ridge, uphill, no effort, all wind, so cool, but sooo cold, so -- so cold. 
Onto my self-realization. . .
❄️ The altitude affects me, I get nauseous, being well hydrated helps combat altitude sickness.
❄️I was dehydrated. Since being on break my routine is off, and I haven’t drank nearly as much as I do on a daily basis at work.
❄️I was not motivated to hydrate on the mountain because
it a. was freezing and b.
we had to use port-a-potties
❄️I’m the slowest in my family but will forever be grateful this is a family sport. One of my two is not likely to pass this sport onto his kids but those kids will love the beach!
❄️C0V!d Skiing is not a big deal, masks are already part of the gig.
❄️I am very very grateful for a healthy body that is fully ready and capable to be skiing again. With one surgery in spring 2018 for ACL repair, pulmonary embolism fall 2019 that thankfully was controlled with medication but ultimately ended in my 2019 Christmas hysterectomy. I am a healthy mama and happy to be on skis again. 

Let’s talk about Starter Kits!

Let’s talk about Starter Kits!
If you’re like me opening your starter kit was both exciting and a little overwhelming. There are so many ways to use oils aromatically, topically & internally.
Peppermint is still one of my most used oils, whether it’s adding it to my diffuser with some Orange for a bright & energetic way to start my morning or adding it to a roller to support my focus on the tasks ahead.  💚 
(and of course, there is the lemon, lavender, and peppermint combo my family uses daily for seasonal sniffles). 
I would love to hear which starter oil is your favorite & how you use it!
What are you accomplishing today?
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