Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday
What impact are you having today, this month, this year?
At times I feel like I’ve done nothing, at other times I feel I have nothing left to give. I’m sure you can relate to those feelings. Two small things I’ve chosen are Judie O’Shaw’s Special Education Transition Class, to donate money to their cookie decorating party and instead of participating in the Secret Snowman gift exchange at work - I made a little something for everyone participating - because I just could not bring myself to be creative multiple times and surprise someone between now and Christmas break, but I could bring myself to make the same thing 11 times and share a small gift with everyone participating. I can add the $10 coupon to my cart at Safeway to provide a meal. I'm able to participate in all of our South County Consortium fundraisers, buying a sweatshirt, See’s Candy, and Dine and Donate at Mary’s Pizza tonight. I can do little things and still feel like a flop on giving Tuesday. 
I think our teachers are in need of a giving Tuesday … coffee, velco, laminate, new glue sticks, construction paper, refill of the prize box, or even a kudos to how hard they are working, 
Clearly, my brain is everywhere and nowhere all at once today - ever feel like that? 
Well, I will add, and maybe a little late in my post - because who really gets this far … if anyone buys an Essential Oil, premium starter kit, today on GIVING TUESDAY, instead of giving you the $15 gift card to Amazon - I can donate it to the teacher of your choice!