Are you drinking enough water?
I rarely am drinking enough. I want to keep up with my #fitnessgoals this year by staying hydrated! 🏃🏽‍♀️
I shared earlier how nauseous I felt skiing when I was dehydrated, what I didn’t know is someone I was skiing with had those same lousy feelings and neither of us said anything. How common is it for us to keep things to ourselves when if we just say them out loud there might not only be comradery but solutions too? Even though we are socially distant let’s not let that keep us from being connected. We need each other!
Add a drop of #Grapefruit Vitality to your water for a refreshing & tasty alternative. Citrus is not only uplifting when you smell it and uplifting when you consume it.
Comment below with your favorite Vitality oil.


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