Are you traveling for the holiday! ✈️

Are you traveling for the holiday! ✈️
I know this is a controversial subject right now - but I want to make sure you are protecting your immune system if you are on the road or in the air. My core four will be staying home this week - eating in the backyard. Peace to you and yours. 
Here are my essential travel companions: 
Thieves … all the thieves, thieves hard lozenge to keep your throat protected at all times, thieves spray to spray EVERYTHING before you touch it (your airplane tray or the gas pump handle). Thieves hand sanitizer - or the hand sanitizer you packed - just make sure you have it. 
You’ll need your favorite sleepy time mix - 1.) lavender and cedarwood 2). Dream Catcher 3). Lavender and Marjoram 4). Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Valerian 5). Tranquil or Sleepyize Roller (yes I have a few favorites). Sleep is so important to support your immune system. 
Deep Relief Roll-On- for managing the travel mayhem on your back, hips, shoulders, everything that hurts. 
Super C vitamin - again immune system
Stress Away Roll-On - because … well, it’s the holidays
What are your must-have travel companions?🧳