Finding Relief and Resilience: Cypress, Helichrysum, and Copaiba - My Journey Towards Healing

Finding Relief and Resilience: Cypress, Helichrysum, and Copaiba - My Journey Towards Healing
Introduction: Life can take unexpected turns, and sometimes, circumstances force us to make adjustments that we never anticipated. Recently, I found myself in such a situation. After breaking my elbow, my doctor advised me to rest and avoid any strenuous activities, which meant temporarily stepping away from my work in a special education classroom. This sudden change left me feeling disheartened, but I was determined to make the best of it. Along my healing journey, I discovered the incredible therapeutic benefits of three essential oils - Cypress, Helichrysum, and Copaiba. These natural remedies have not only aided in my physical recovery but also provided emotional support during this challenging time. Join me as I share how these essential oils have become an integral part of my healing journey.

  1. Cypress: Finding Strength and Stability. Cypress essential oil has become my steadfast companion throughout my recovery process. Known for its ability to promote circulation and reduce inflammation, Cypress has been crucial in relieving the discomfort and swelling around my injured elbow. Its astringent properties have also helped to strengthen my muscles and promote healing in the affected area. Beyond its physical benefits, Cypress essential oil has a grounding effect on the mind, offering emotional support during a period of adjustment and uncertainty.
  2. Helichrysum: Healing and RenewalHelichrysum essential oil has been a true gift in my healing journey. Its remarkable regenerative properties have played a vital role in reducing the appearance of scars and promoting healthy skin. Applying Helichrysum topically to the area around my elbow has not only accelerated the healing process but has also provided a soothing sensation, alleviating any residual pain or discomfort. Emotionally, Helichrysum essential oil has helped me navigate through moments of frustration and impatience, encouraging a sense of renewal and resilience.
  3. Copaiba: Calming and BalancingCopaiba essential oil has been my go-to remedy for managing stress and maintaining emotional balance. During a time when my daily routine was disrupted, Copaiba's calming properties have helped alleviate anxiety and promote a sense of tranquility. By diffusing Copaiba essential oil in my workspace, I've been able to create a calming environment, making the transition to working from a cubicle more manageable. Copaiba's analgesic properties have also contributed to easing any residual pain, enabling me to focus more effectively on my tasks.
Conclusion: Although my journey of healing and adapting to a temporary change in work environment has been challenging, the support I found in Cypress, Helichrysum, and Copaiba essential oils has been invaluable. These natural remedies have not only contributed to my physical recovery but have also provided emotional support, helping me find balance and resilience in the face of adversity. As the school year comes to a close, I am grateful for the progress I've made and the lessons learned during this time. Through the power of essential oils, I have discovered that even amidst unexpected circumstances, we can find healing, strength, and the ability to adapt.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Please consult with a healthcare professional before using essential oils, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are currently taking medication.

When someone asks “how are you?”

When someone asks “how are you?”
. . . and you say “fine” as your eyes simultaneously fill up with tears.
And then they get that inquisitive, concerned,  thoughtful look on their face and say “what's wrong?” and of course your instinct is to still say “nothing, I’m fine”
And really and truly you thought you were fine or at least holding it together until the moment they asked. And that’s when the flood comes - ya … that about sums it up for so many of us.
It is now February - February 2021 - last year we were beginning to not shake hands and use hand sanitizer a bit more regularly. We were taking our vitamin C and we were sure America was going to be okay. Because … we are America after all.
There are just a sliver of people who have not yet experienced a quarantine, social distance, masked up or drive by birthday. My birthday is March 26, I was one of the first to stumble into that weird and awkward hugless birthday dimension. But my tribe was kind, and generous, and celebratory.
I spent this weekend (yes I had a three day) taking long runs, reading my book, getting outside, and taking a deep dive into emotional oils, and really doing some work - and I may not be fine but at least I will have done the work to not burst into tears just because the coffee pot is empty, or the light turned red, or they were out of my favorite creamer at Safeway.
By no means is this written to have more people reach out and ask how I’m doing but written to acknowledge how many of us are walking around with our cups just on the brink of overflowing, and even with ALL of the courses, and workshops, and classes, and offerings from our friends and community of ways to bring our cup down so we aren’t overflowing, the natural state of being here for almost a year is overwhelming. I do have my good days, even great days compared to many, but I want to still acknowledge that we are still here. I wonder if the vaccine rollout as a way to reenter life is even scary for some, scary for a lot, how do we get children to reenter society when their adults aren’t really sure how to navigate it.
To sum it up, self-care is important, and being an empath can be overwhelming.

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