Who has their planner picked out for 2021?
Who has a favorite and won’t stray vs. who picks up any old thing at Staples or Michaels? 
Better yet - who has more than one?
What do you need your planner to do for you?
Is it a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly planner?
Does it give you goal setting, meal planning, daily affirmations, or a doodle page?
Does your planner also act as your journal?
I could not find what I was looking for this year so I made my own - it included a paper cutter and a glue stick - so I was being a bit crafty once I finally sent out all our Christmas cards. 
I know some people are very loyal to their brand - feel free to add a link if you are super passionate about sharing your favorite. Bonus if you share a favorite pen! 


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