New normals
Can we be honest for a minute? When you think of 2020 what immediately comes to your mind?
We are all juggling new normals. 
It feels like day 3276 of shelter in place, we’ve just embarked on distance learning 2.0, I kiss my highschool boys good-bye and hope they make it online, at work our special education team is working triple time, I wonder if my junior really needs the SAT, but the one that has me absolutely broken is I can’t hug, being an empath is hard.
The phrase that comes to my mind for 2020 is out of balance. This morning I tried Qigong. I did a practice to purge and tone energy. It felt great!
The lesson that I'm learning through this uncertain time is maintaining internal balance is BEYOND important, flexibility and adaptability are both key, and kindness - kindness is everything.
What is something that you have learned in this unprecedented time?


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