Today, I visited a new congregation, United Church of Christ at Squaw Valley Chapel. This building was built for the 1960 Winter Olympics. Their motto is EVEYRONE IS WELCOME – No matter who you are or where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. I felt VERY welcome there.
I met Rev. James Kosko, he is a fabulous preacher, we enjoyed his Easter Sunday service on the mountain last March, but today, today was about water. He preached from the point of view as if he was water, it was so good. He spoke about the cancer he has growing in the middle of his Pacific Ocean, made up of all our plastics. He spoke about how he was here before us and we can’t live without him. How we are made of 71% water, so we need to take care of him. How he is above us in the air, below us in the ground. I felt like @dailydoseofwokeness would really have enjoyed the message. Like WAKE UP! Water is telling us we are ruining it for ourselves.
The message then moved to how water has been a part of most of the major messages in the bible. Noah’s Ark, Moses, water to wine, and the message of the day, Jesus baptism. They are a kind congregation, unfortunately, they are now going into hibernation until spring – right about the time I’ll be allowed to ski again. 


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