Thankful Thursday!🙏🏼

I woke up this morning overwhelmed with gratitude for the fact that my work is helping others.

I love what I do, I love what I do for my job and I love what I do for my work. My job is to show up daily with the special education community, when I shifted from teacher of the visually impaired to special education administrator my job shifted from working directly with students to directly supporting teachers and parents. I love brainstorming, problem-solving, lending support, and being “that person”, daily. I’m HERE for my teachers and I believe they know that in their heart of hearts. And let’s admit it - distance learning is HARD!

But my work … my work is helping others find natural, chemical-free solutions for common everyday problems.  My goal is to help as many people as I can through education, support, and community. I’ve learned how important it was to know what I was putting in my body, on my body, my family's body, along with what I was using in my home. Now I’m passionate about passing that along. My passion is to sit with friends, with strangers, listen to what is happening in their lives, be it stress, sleeplessness, sore muscles, a continuously worrying mind, a child who as a third-grader has started on a daily allergy pill (like mine was) and know there must be a better solution - or all the other things going on with their kids. I am here to help, I want to help, I am passionate about helping, it fills my cup. 

On that note, I would love to ask you something! What are the posts that you find most beneficial, what helps you, what resources you need more of? Add your needs in the comments. 


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