I dont know about you, but some days I have a hard time getting my creative juices flowing. When I feel stuck I often turn to the outdoors, here at home walking up Gehricke Road or up through Gundlach Bundschu provides views, sounds, smells of nature to disconnect and restart and find that extra bit of inspiration.

At work, I am lucky to be on the junior high campus temporarily and when I walk out the classroom door I’m surrounded by native plants that attract bees, hummingbirds, lizards, quail, and even voles. Lucky for me my phone only works outside of the classroom so I’m forced into nature several times a day. 

Lastly,  I also find inspiration in almost anything IG @sustainoilyliving posts, she hits home every time, be it about emotions, parenting, or just daily life. And Ms.Danielle inspires me with her amazing cricket creations and always thinking outside the box to connect with her students through zoom. 

Share who inspires you or the thing that ignites a fire in you!


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