Life-Work Balance
Maintaining a healthy life-work balance is challenging. As a special education administrator, wife, mom of two teenage boys, and #youroilgal I am constantly trying to manage responsibilities that often pull me in opposite directions. It’s easy to get caught up on the task in front of you instead of investing in what’s most important.

One strategy I have found helpful is to have checkpoints throughout my day to reevaluate what I need to prioritize. As I’ve shared before I start my day with a gratitude journal and have been using a 30-day gratitude challenge with prompts this last month (yes I started late in Sept and haven’t finished). Today’s prompt “something in nature you are grateful for …”

Grateful for my favorite trees (yes I have favorite trees)
Grateful for the red earth and rocks of Moab
Thankful for the crazy hummingbirds at work - they fight like brothers
Thankful for the moon always stopping me in my tracks
Thankful every time I get to see Orion

This made me remember carpooling with Jennifer and Juliet Dismang growing up, and on the way home there was a spot on Hampton Ave. that you would round a bend, and inevitably Sue would say “oh look at the mountains, they are so beautiful today”, and every day they were a new sort of beautiful and she commented every time, and it’s true that the front range at that particular spot on Hampton (285) is always breathtaking.

Remember those moments, let them ground you, may you find the awe in your favorite tree EVERY time you see it.

Comment below with tips & tricks that help you keep a healthy life-work balance.


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