Epiphany Sunday
I used a little 3 Wise Men before walking to church this morning.
Today is Epiphany Sunday. What is epiphany Sunday? Glad you asked. We’ve all been so busy celebrating the birth of baby Jesus on December 25th but it took a while for those wise men to follow the star and find the baby. Hence, Epiphany Sunday or Three Kings Sunday comes quite a while after Christmas. The day celebrated for the wise men finally finding the baby. I guess it pairs a little with all of us setting New Year’s Resolutions; we have an Epiphany of how our last year went and how we want the new one to go.
As I sat in church today I was so delighted of the path my pastor took “The First Baby Shower”. The gifts that they brought to Jesus, Frankincense and Myrrh – both beautifully healing oils, both amazing for the skin, both would have helped Mary as she was healing from birth – especially birth in a barn. Can you imagine her skin? We get to sit on donut pillows, take sits baths, lay in bed – SHE WAS IN A BARN! And then there is the gold, it seems like an unusual gift. But gold came in very handy for this little family who was suddenly on the run from Her’od and needed a new life in a new home. We all know how expensive a move is … anyway… I digress.
Anyone have an epiphany today?


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